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December 28, 2012
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Okay. I'm not really sure about the Romanian, but… if there's something wrong, let me know and I'll blame it on Google translate and change it.
Also, the reader is about 8 years old and Romania is your father. (random moment where movies get into your thoughts. 'Reader, I am your father…') Anyway, ON WITH DA STORY!


You sighed as you looked out your window. All you saw was a bunch of trees and some mountains. And everything else included in the landscape of Romania. You always wanted to go outside but your tată* wouldn't allow you to. You couldn't figure out why. It wasn't like you didn't like your house… rather, mansion, but usually people aren't so specific, so…

Anyway. You hopped off your little seat by the window and wandered around. You never got bored with the seemingly endless hallways, each leading to so many different rooms. After exploring for a while, you found your way back to your room. And sat. You watched the clock tick as you waited. And waited. And waited.

Your tată was taking waaaaaaaaay too long to get back home. And that made you very restless. You skipped around your room in pure boredom. Then skipped to the window. You sat back down and stared outside, wondering what it was like. As you were daydreaming, you started dozing off. You suddenly had the urge to look out the window and saw something move in the forest nearby.

Probably just some random animal.

You sighed and closed the window, making your way over to your bed and flopping down on it. Soon you fell asleep.

~~~~Timeskip to the end of nap time~~~~

You jumped up from bed, thinking you heard a noise. A suspicious noise. Time to search.
You grabbed your stuffed flying mint bunny (you had tried to convince it to come to life so you wouldn't be so lonely, but it didn't understand. To make up for it, you took it everywhere.) and crept out of your room.

Stealth mode.

You heard something in the kitchen. Silently, you tiptoed towards the door. And peeked in to see…

Your father. And his back was facing you.


You carefully bent down and ducked behind the table, sneaking closer and closer to him.
You almost fell and managed to catch yourself in time. You looked down at you feet and saw that you tripped on a spoon. You looked back up, still hunched over behind the table and proceeded with your sneaking around.

"I know you're there, _________," said a voice close to your ear.

Then you whipped around and saw your dad standing right behind you, laughing.

You pouted and said, "You scared flying mint bunny."
"Flying mint bunny seems to have gotten the ability to scream through your mouth, I suppose."
"I swear it was the bunny, tată ."
"You shouldn't swear things that aren't true, _________."
"Awwww… okay."
"Esti o fata buna.**"

He patted you on the head and went on to cook dinner.

Such was the sequence of events that happened that day.
Wow. I think that’s the shortest story I’ve ever written in my life…
* tată (Edit: should be tati, but too lazy to correct them all) – Father, papa, dad, paternal figure, or something in that sense.
** Esti o fata buna. – You're a good girl. (and no, Romania isn’t calling you an overweight bun)

This is a request for TheMysteriousPoet. Sorry... It wouldn't let me put your name in the title. Said it was too long. And I personally thought the story was too short, but... XP (i'm not very good at doing Papa!countryxChild!readers...)
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